Crowdfunding in September
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Crowdfunding in September
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Crowdfunding in September
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Trem-bel is a simple but clever wristband that alerts the hearing-impaired wearer whenever audible devices in the home are triggered — doorbell, smoke alarm, telephone, oven timer.

Get peace of mind knowing your elderly loved one or care patient need never miss another call at their door because they cannot hear the bell. Trem-bel will alert them via a sensor-controlled wristband that vibrates and flashes when triggered by a caller pressing the doorbell. It will also let the caller know someone is home.

Trem-bel’s light, a rechargeable wristband is a smart wearable designed to make life easier for seniors and other people with compromised hearing, along with those in the community who care for them.

Trem-Bel Prototype

Key Specifications

  • Multi-alert — can identify up to 7 different home devices, with appropriate additional hardware.
  • Vibrates with LED lights that will change colour for each alert
  • Full charge lasts about 48 hours
  • Inductive charging
  • Long-range (up to 100 metres)
  • Water resistant to IP67
  • Dust proof
  • Single-button operated
  • Return signal to the doorbell button
Trem-Bel Bell Box
Trem-Bel Bell Box

How It Works

One bell button. One bell box. One wristband.

  • Connected like a regular doorbell to the front door of home, which the caller presses once and then waits.
  • This signal is relayed by an internal box to the wristband. It won’t matter where the wristband wearer is (within range), as trem-bel can be worn in any environment, wet or dry.
  • The wristband is designed to be robust and practical.
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) battery, with an expected life of 5 years (manufacturer’ s estimate).
  • The number of times the wristband is activated, determines how often it will require recharging, approximately once every 2-3 days if worn continuously.

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