What is trem-bel?

Our research has shown that many elderly or disabled users are not willing or able to embrace complex levels of technology, so smartphones, for example, are alien to them. Living alone is not easy if you are physically fragile, profoundly deaf, and/or with poor eyesight. However many people do prefer to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, aided by loved ones or carers.

We live in an era saturated with technology. Young people take it for granted. Most working-age people are acclimatised to its advantages. But many elderly people have simply not transitioned from an analog to a digital world and now shun technology altogether, because of fear of its operational complexity, or they simply do not see it as relevant to their lives, or both.

trem-bel assisted living technology

We take into consideration our users physical and cognitive abilities, to which the design of trem-bel is central.


Artists impression of doorbell button option

Above product is working proof of concept

Artists impression of wristband